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• Discontinued of Credit Points
2018-10-24 14:36:33

The Points System @ OGIN’ Store will be discontinued by 31st December 2018.
Hence, if there are remaining points in your account, it will no longer be valid and will not be accessible from 1st January 2019 onwards.

Bonus points given by the store is not exchangeable to cash. However, out-of-stocks credit points in your account (should there be any) are redeemable as cash.

To receive your remaining “No-Stock-Refund” credit points sitting in your OGIN account, kindly provide your bank details by filling up the below, and email to before 31st December 2018.
As system refresh will erase all points record, thus, any refund for "Out-of-Stocks" will not be possible after the dateline given above.

Name Registered with Bank (In Full):

Name of Your Bank:

Bank Account No.:

IC No.:

Note: This process takes 7 - 10 working days for your refund to be reflected in your bank account.

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