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PRE-ORDER Schedules & Updates 2018


Kindly refer to below for all pre-order schedules & updates.
You may also click here to refer to the frequently asked questions regarding pre-order.


Date of Payment

Batch Code Order Status Estimated Arrival To Warehouse
(ship within 2-3 business day after the arrival)
11 Oct - 17 Oct


- 10.Nov.2018
4 Oct - 10 Oct


Open 3.Nov.2018
27 Sept - 3 Oct


Closed 27.Oct.2018
20 Sept - 26 Sept


Closed 20.Oct.2018 - On Time
30 Aug - 5 Sept


Closed 29.Sept.2018 - Shipped
23 Aug - 29 Aug


Closed 29.Sept.2018 - Shipped
















*Unusual Batch* :
- 340 - Extended Delivery Time
- NIL - Extended Order Taking Period



i. Payment cut-off time is 11.00pm on each closing day. If you have made payment before the closing date (and had submitted the transaction details) but the bank clearance only complete after the closing date, your purchase order will automatically fall under next batch.

ii. If you made payment only after the closing date and fail to submit the transaction details, please email us immediately as your order should be canceled automatically after the closing hour. 

iii. Order placing that is submitted after the cut-off time on a closing day will automatically fall under next batch. 



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